What Makes Us DifferentAt Stoneybrook Dental we will offer our patients a state of the art facility with digital x-rays and clearly communicated visual educational aids. In a peaceful and soothing atmosphere, your dental experience will be a pleasure with TV monitors in the ceiling and vibrating dental chairs to assist you in your relaxation. Dr. Wardlaw believes that a relaxed patient contributes to a positive, painless environment and with the best of care given we will create your beautiful healthy smiles. Dr. Wendi loves the gift of dentistry and the opportunity to be a blessing by using her gifts to serve those most in need at home and around the world. Her passion for the less unfortunate led to the launch of a non profit organization called Inspired Purpose.

The goal of Inspired Purpose, Inc is to reach those having the greatest comorbidities and lack of access to care around the world. Bringing medical care, medications, eyewear, dental surgeries, treatment and supplies along with the love of God to those who need them the most.Inspired Purpose is a God inspired Non Profit which means we feel that we are called by God to bring about positive change in the world using our gifts and talents as well as collaborating with others to achieve this we call the “Art of the Possible”. For more information on this amazing organization visit www.inspiredpurpose.org today!