Sometimes you go to a professional and just immediately get the feeling they know what they’re doing. This was one of those times.

First off, the office is really nice. Clean, well lit, and in good condition all around. The chairs even have massage features. Not that I’m here to get a back massage, but it’s the little things that make a difference 🙂

Second, the doctor showed my X-rays and noticed something the last five dentist so I’ve been to seriously overlooked. She immediately knew that I was in braces for way too many years and showed how the roots of my teeth had receded because of it.

This wasn’t meant as some big upsell and there is no special service she can offer to fix it. But I found it interesting that she noticed there is one no other dentist had. Her point of showing me the x-rays was that I needed to be very careful not to get cavities. Drilling out cavities may cause the teeth to actually fall out of my mouth. There is basically no root left on some of them. Fun times!

Anyways, the price was totally reasonable.

I got great advice on how to keep my teeth in good shape. And on top of that they cleaned some horrible looking stands and made my smile look 500x better!

If you’re on the fence, just make an appointment. This is as good as it gets for professionals (dentists, doctors, etc…) – Mike B.

I love Stoneybrook Dental! Ive been to the office 3 times now; twice for x-rays and cleaning, and once for bonding/filling/shaping. The staff is so friendly, kind, and compassionate towards the patients. Dr Wendy also has an awesome sense of humor. The massage chairs and gospel music make for a very pleasant environment. In Orlando there are many “car salesman dentist” offices who try to sell you stuff you don’t need or overprice what you ask for; Stoneybrook Dental is not one of those offices. My cleanings and x-rays were extremely fairly priced, and when I asked about fillings/bonding for my chipped teeth I was given a very affordable estimate. I do not have dental insurance and my out of pocket pay was extremely affordable for the filling that I needed. I posted a before/after photo of my chipped teeth/fillings. I have much gratitude for Dr Wendy and her staff, and look forward to my future visits! – Jessica H.

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“I spent an incredible afternoon in the hands of Dr. Wardlaw and realized that this was going to be an extraordinary adventure. I’m excited for the journey ahead! Incredibly calming and healing atmosphere❣❣ “ – Carol Christie Bailey

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Wardlaw recently. Her passion for what she does really shines through. One of the most pleasant Doctors you will come across. Highly recommend her practice!” – Nina Ogor

“The best dentist office ever!! Everyone is friendly and courteous. Her ability to relate to you at your comfort level is amazing. My kids had the best experience too!! Thank you!!!” – Djuna Thornton Burns