First VisitYour first visit to our office is the most important one. It gives both of us an opportunity to get to know each other. Establishing a good relationship is vital to achieving our common goals of improving and maintaining your dental health.

For some patients, the first visit is an emergency or a specific urgent concern. Of course, we will attend to the emergency situation first and make you comfortable.

If there is not an emergency concern, the first visit typically involves taking any necessary x-rays, a comprehensive exam, diagnosis, and treatment planning. This takes approximately one hour. This time is necessary to accomplish several goals. After taking the necessary x-rays, Dr. Wardlaw will sit down with you to discuss your concerns and desires of improving your dental health. She will review your x-rays along with your medical and dental histories. Next we will take a tour of your mouth using an intra-oral video camera. You will be able to see your teeth from a whole new perspective on a television monitor. Dr. Wardlaw thorough evaluation of your oral health include an examination of all of the “soft tissues” including an oral cancer screening and evaluation of the supporting gums. Each tooth will be examined for decay or defective restorations. Dr. Wardlaw will then discuss and outline a plan for any recommended treatment. If your condition requires complex planning, a separate consultation, or “review of findings,” may be needed. There is no additional charge for this visit.

Once a treatment plan has been proposed, you will receive a computerized printout of the involved treatment along with the associated fees. You will also receive a customized Financial Options form detailing the payment methods available through our office.

At your first visit your periodontal health will be evaluated. This is checking the distance between the bone that supports your teeth and your gingival tissues, bleeding and hard deposits. If this evaluation is within normal limits, a general cleaning can be performed at this first visit. If this evaluation is not within normal limits we can begin your healing process with appropriate treatments and reschedule you accordantly. Your periodontal health is the foundation of your teeth. Like a house without a strong foundation, the longevity is compromised. This evaluation is one of the most important exams for a healthy mouth and body and proper diagnosis and treatment is essential to your overall health.

We look forward to meeting you at your first visit!